One summer evening on the rooftop of their childhood home the brother Max and Julian – both one malt beer in their hand – decided to fuse their passions and start a joint project. Out of the urge to create something and work together artistically, the project KAAY is born!


Julian (born in 1994 in Wertheim, Germany) started his artistic journey in Cologne – parallel to his studies at the German Sports University – through intensive encounters and projects in the sphere of contemporary circus. After achieving his sports bachelor, Julian began his studies at The Superior School of Circus Arts (ESAC) in Brussels and graduated in June 2021. Since then he is working the project KAAY with his Brother, founds the circus label "Raumfuerzirkus" and ist part of the belgian circus company "Soif Totale".
In seiner künstlerischen & akrobatischen Tätigkeit liegt sein Fokus auf verschiedenen (Zirkus)Disziplinen, wie Chinesischer Mast, Partnerakrobatik, Akrobatik, Schleuderbrett und Tanz. 


The sea of inner thoughts never rests. To examine them, discuss them, carry them to his surroundings there is only the artistic way. When he was 13, Max (born 1998 in Wertheim, Germany) started making music – producing, writing and singing. With his film studies at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg he widens his artistic path by the medium of visual expression. During his time there Max creates four music videos, one short film and one animated shortfilm as a screen writer, director and producer. His passion for photography accompanies him this whole time. His work "Money/Time/Perspective" is chosen for an exhibition at the Eboran Galery in Salzburg in 2020. For KAAY, Max created 5 new songs.

KAAY - the Album

The songs which were specifically made for KAAY are available on all music platforms.