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max & julian blum

music & circus

A 60 minute show with contemporary circus and live music.

As brothers, Max and Julian Blum explore the role of family in todays time of possibility and distance. KAAY tells a story through live music and contem- porary circus on the Chinese Pole. In an intimate atmosphere the audience is accompanied into a self created world. Within this imaginarysetting,a tale unfolds about siblings growing up together, finding their own identity and letting go of what used to be- home 

Being close but distant, loosing touch and emotional connection. Are we prioritizing our strive for individuality over our family?

How can we feel close when we are far? 

Upcoming Performances

3. & 4.02.2024

Zirkusquartier Zürich

A piece between circus and music – about home, familiarity and more than anything about being siblings. Together, Julian and Max take the audience into their world in which you will recognise yourself.

– Tadaa Magazin (Magazine for Contemporary Circus)

Physically distant and emotionally close – of long times and long journeys.

KAAY - the Album

The songs which were specifically made for KAAY are available on all music platforms.